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4 Apr


1st MARCH 2014 – 20th MAY 2014
Voting has begun and is open until May 20th.

The Dream of the Cosmos: a Quest for the Soul.

Please help promote this very important and influential book which needs to be read by as many souls as possible in these very difficult times of necessary change.

A Sad Loss

28 Feb

One of our authors as well as an ambassador of the transpersonal, Dr Jill Hayes slipped away quietly on her onward journey yesterday.

A senior lecturer at Chichester University, author of Performing the Dreams of your Body as well as numerous papers, she will be much missed by all her friends, colleagues and family and especially by husband Paul Wilson and sons Finny, Lawrie, Owain and Theo to whom we send our heartfelt wishes.

Jill Hayes 1

Anne Baring and Andrew Harvey

27 Jan

Take some time out to watch this interview between two mystical philosophers of our time. Tell me if it doesn’t change some of your thinking or what you thought were your beliefs. Then read Anne’s book The Dream of the Cosmos and know that history needs to be rewritten to include the soul so that we may consciously assist in the survival of our planet for future generations.

Much to Shout About

23 Jan

Philippa Reece’s book Involution has come in joint runner-up to Anne Baring’s The Dream of the Cosmos in the Book of the Year Awards announced at the Scientific and Medical Network.

When given the news Ian Thorp of Archive Publishing commented that it was brilliant to have not just one but two books given recognition by such an esteemed organisation as SciMed Net. Altogether very affirming of the ethos at Archive; the quality of their publishing and most importantly of the authors.

Involution – Phillipa Rees

12 Nov

Reconciling Science to God. An amazing odyssey written in the form of an epic poem narrated by two companions, Reason and Soul. Reason, representing scientific thought, and Soul, representing creative genius, probe science’s theories to present a new way of understanding evolution in the form of Involution.

This is an intriguing book with some brilliant reviews.

Philippa is presenting her book at various venues and not least at the Annual Conference of ‘Soul Voyagers’ weekend at Charney Manor in Oxfordshire.

This book is up there with the likes of Anne Baring’s The Dream of the Cosmos – highly recommended.

Hilary Stanley’s new book

10 Nov

On the 17th November Hilary Stanley’s new book will be launched. Titled Transform Your Life with the Violet Flame it is a practical guide full of step-by-step instructions, personal experiences and case studies to help you change different aspects of your life for the better. Hilary is a healer, teacher and spiritual advisor. Since learning about the Violet Flame she has devoted much of her working life to sharing this transformational energy. Find out more on the webpage.

An Awesome and Inspiring Review

19 Sep

I finished Anne’s book a little over an hour ago, closed the last page and wept in awe at the beauty, clarity, knowledge and love written within. This has got to be one the greatest books I have ever read, if not THE greatest. The Dream of The Cosmos: A Quest for the Soul is the siren call that knows its way directly to the rhythm center, my soul. Never mind what kind of music. Never mind what kind of voice. When you hear it, the ‘real thing’, you’re done for, trust me on this! Jungians, psychotherapists and healers of all kinds will love and treasure this book forever! It’s a ‘dream of a book’ and as the last reviewer wrote ‘this is history as it should be taught’, I couldn’t agree more. I was just blown away! This book, is every book I’ve been searching for all of my life. Thank you so much Anne for writing this awesome and inspiring book! – Deep in the JUNG.le