History of Archive Publishing (Transpersonal Book Publishers)

Archive Publishing was conceived in 2002 by Hazel Marshall and Ian Thorp as a result of their passion for the work of Barbara Somers, Ian Gordon-Brown and others involved with the birth and growth of the transpersonal approach.

Hazel Marshall MEd is a qualified psychotherapist and has, since 1989, been running Transpersonal courses based upon the work of Barbara Somers and Ian Gordon-Brown. The books she has edited are distilled from her transcriptions of some 96 audiotapes of Barbara and Ian’s seminars, which she has put together in the light of her profound knowledge of, and admiration for, the authors’ work.

Ian Thorp MA has been involved with design, print and publishing for over 30 years. He has designed many of the books and provided the illustrations for others. Through his experience as a psychotherapist and workshop facilitator, he has found a real need in people for material that both acknowledges and feeds the Soul, Self, Spirit, Atman.

Following the publication of the first two books in the ‘Wisdom of the Transpersonal’ series, it was decided that Archive Publishing was ready to start publishing other books that were based on the transpersonal experiences of individuals or the work of people working transpersonally with others. Archive Publishing remained the imprint for all titles published.

As interest increased in the transpersonal it seemed a natural expansion to offer books and artefacts produced and published by others as part of an organic growth. As the internet and the world wide web have become such an integral part of modern communication and accessibility, so the overall title of transpersonalbooks.com was created. Archive Publishing still remains the main imprint for titles produced in-house.
Some Pioneers and Contributors to the Transpersonal

A comprehensive, explanatory list appears in The Raincloud of Knowable Things as an appendix, however it seems right to name here some of those whose work has contributed directly or in-directly to Transpersonal Psychology.

Alfred Adler – Roberto Assagioli – Josef Breuer – William Dement – Robert Desoille
James Fadiman – Piero Ferrucci – Théodore Flournoy – Michael Fordham
Viktor Frankl – Sigmund Freud – Ian Gordon-Brown – Stanislav Grof – Mark Guillery
Carl Happich – James Hillman – William James – Pierre Marie Félix Janet – Carl Jung
George Kelly – Melanie Klein – Wolfgang Kretschmer – Gottfried Leibniz
Hanscarl Leuner – Abraham Maslow – Franz Anton Mesmer – Arnold Mindell
Jacob Levy Moreno – Michael Murphy – Frederick Myers – Wilder Graves Penfield
Fritz Perls – Dick Price – Ira Progoff – Hermann Rorschach – J. H. Schultz
Barbara Somers – Anthony Sutich – Miles Vitch


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