Embassy of the Free Mind

8 Jun

Anne Baring was an invited guest at the recent opening of the “Embassy of the Free Mind” in Amsterdam alongside Dan Brown who was there to officially open the doors.
Housed in the most stunning, canal-side building, The House of the Heads in Keizersgracht, in the heart of the historical part of the city, marks the culmination of the life-time project of Joost Ritman and his wife.

The Ritman Library or Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica is claimed to be the largest library in the world in the fields of Hermeticism, Alchemy, Mysticism, etc., and along with paintings, prints, artefacts and commissioned works collected over the years, creates a wonderful space for contemplation and reflection.

Primarily this is a place of study, research, exploration and an opportunity to access the heritage that has come down to us over the centuries via The Renaissance from knowledge acquired from the pre-christian world, contained in the ancient scrolls once housed in the Great Library in Alexandria, (thought to have been destroyed in the fire of 391AD ordered by Emperor Theodosius).

The “Embassy of the Free Mind” is well worth a visit in person, but also on-line as it is the aim of the Ritman family to make this collection available to students of any age, from anywhere, via any device, all accessible on the internet – a wonderful gift to humanity – and a boost to the ‘new’ Renaissance.

Incidentally, copies of Anne’s book, The Dream of the Cosmos: a Quest for the Soul, have been on sale since the opening and continue to be a best seller – currently in translation to French, Italian and German.


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