Forgot to tell you…

18 Sep

Archive Publishing has moved to a wonderful rural location which is deep in the Dorset countryside with beautiful views over the Blackmore Vale and yet still easily accessible by road, rail and air.
Ponies’ End provides the ideal solution to the present and future accommodation and expansion needs of this successful, independent publishing house.

Ponies’ End,  Budden’s Lane,  West Melbury,  SHAFTESBURY,  Dorset,  SP7 0LY



Dream of the Cosmos

11 Sep

For Anne Barring Sawyer WEB

Three generations in one household enjoying the book – the crone, the current mystical feminist and the new generation coming in – the crone and her grandaughter captured here.

Social Media

22 Aug

We are now active on Facebook – Yippeeee!

The Walrus’s Handbook

18 Aug

A fascinating new look at the Hierarchy of Needs. Not the 1943 version quoted by trainers, coaches and business psychologists, but the completed hierarchy which in Abraham Maslow’s own words was ‘…the culmination of 30 years of work in the field of psychology’. It was published only as a paper just before his untimely death in 1970.

Realizing the importance and relevance of this later work, the author presents it here for the first time using Maslow’s original terminology and with a minor addition of her own.

In Part two she introduces the equally important ‘Scale of Responses’ which deals with our moods, how we respond to situations, and how quickly those moods can change. This theory is the work of Ian Ninian Marshall, a Jungian psychiatrist, who developed the Scale in 1969 as part of a therapeutic system which he called ‘Sequential Analysis’. Again, this is the first time this work has been fully published in book form.

The author presents both theories as practical tools illustrated with examples of how she has used them successfully in her private practice for over 30 years.

Alchemy: The Art of Transformation

22 Feb

We’re really pleased to announce the re-publication of this time-less classic from Jay Ramsay, poet, writer and teacher. The book is available direct from us as well as being available from all good bookstores.

Dream of the Cosmos

18 Nov

The Dream of the Cosmos: A Quest for the Soul, written by visionary and philosopher Anne Baring, has been translated into Greek and will be launched in Athens on December 3rd. Anne has been invited to attend and will give a presentation of her work the following day.

The book has already been re-printed once in the UK and the way sales keep developing another reprint will be necessary in the New Year.

The book is available worldwide with more translations being presently negotiated.

Author on Radio 4

20 Jul

Glenys Newton, author of Home Flown: The Laymamma’s Guide to an Empty Nest, will be appearing on BBC Radio 4 at 11am on 26th August. This follows a successful spot on Radio 4’s Saturday Live a week or two ago.